About Our Business
Pea Patch Gardens

Jessica Klein
was recently featured in a
sustainable living article written
by our friends at Blue Planet
Green Living. Please follow the
link below to read the interview;
“Start small…
Plant one thing”
“Get the kids involved...
Healthy eating can be fun!  
Let’s play in the dirt and
learn where our food
comes from!”

Pea Patch Gardens
Is located in Issaquah, Washington on Tiger
Mountain.  We deliver and serve the King County Area
including Greater Seattle & Tacoma.

Wine Barrel & Raised Garden Beds
Your Pea Patch Garden is planted in a recycled half
wine barrel.  You may notice unique stains, markings
and even a sweet aroma from your barrels.
Our raised
beds are built with non-treated, non-toxic lumber.

Organic Vs Heirloom
Your Veggie Baby starts are grown from either
“Heirloom” or “Organic” seeds.  All of our “Heirloom”
seeds are grown under “Organic” conditions but do not
have the “Organic” certification thus, cannot be
labeled “Organic".
"Heirloom” seed definition:  Any seed handed down
generation to generation and generally passed among
individuals rather than sold in catalogs. These
varieties are not genetically modified & are viable for
seed saving.
“Organic” definition:  A certification process involve a
set of production standards for growing, storage,
processing, packaging and shipping that include:
avoidance synthetic chemical inputs (e.g. fertilizer,
pesticides, antibiotics, food additives etc), genetically
modified organisms, irradiation, and the use of sewage
sludge (ick!).

Organic Soil
Pea Patch Gardens uses compost made from locally
recycled garden prunings & vegetable trimmings. Ideal
for soil amending & mulching, compost improves the
soil by adding organic matter, microbes, nutrients &
trace minerals. Our compost is registered organic &
approved under the Washington State Department of
Agriculture Food Program.
Jessica Klein
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