Pea Patch Gardens

Veggie Baby Menu...

Fills Half Barrel
Zucchini (1 plant)
Squash (1 plant) Yellow, green or white
        space ship summer squash

Fills Quarter Barrel
Beans ** (4 plants)
Peas ** (4 plants) Snap Pea or Sugar Pea
Beets (apx. 6 plants)
Broccoli (1 plant)
Carrots (apx. 1 dozen)
Cauliflower (1 Plant)
Cucumber (1 plant)
Kale (1 plant)
Lettuce (2-3 plants)
Radishes (apx. 1 dozen)
Strawberries (2-3 plants)
Tomatillo ** (1 plant)
Tomato ** (1 plant) Red globe 0r Red,
            yellow, black or white cherry

Fills One-Eighth Barrel
Basil (1 plant)
Chives (1 plant)
Parsley (1 plant)
Oregano (1 plant)
Thyme (1 plant)
Garlic (4 -6 bulbs) Fall Planting

Additional varieties may be available
All plants subject to availability & seasonality
**Tomato cages & bean poles needed

Let’s Get Started…

1st Choose how many barrels you want.  
We suggest a minimum of one barrel per
two people.

2nd Select the veggie varieties you &
your family love most from the
Veggie Baby Menu.

3rd Use the chart below as an example &
choose a combination of Veggie Babies
to fill your barrel.  

If you love one veggie…
you can always pick it twice!
Half Barrel Garden
Jessica Klein
2 0 6 .9 7 2 . 4 1 2 6